I never know what to write in these? I like bands but mainly All Time Low I like Alex Gaskarth more than I like you Feel free to talk to me about anything and yeah, have a hella nice day cuties

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science side of tumblr explain pete wentz


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Jack Barakat makes me the happiest human.

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lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

I’m so glad I eventually figured this out

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This idea came after receiving messages like “how to start working out”, “how to stay motivated”, “how to not be bored” etc.. I thought about something simple and maybe more excited than a “planned schedule” : The Abs Surprise Challenge for Beginners ! It’s really simple : no ” x reps to do”, no need to search videos, no need to worry —> You randomly click on a link without knowing the kind of exercise it will be, and let’s go ! Maybe the fact of not knowing the video before starting it will be funnier and more excited. And having fun is a way to stay motivated !
Plus, working on self-esteem is important, so video’s names are positive words. A way to remember you are worth it. :)
Are you motivated ? If yes, feel free to start this challenge whenever you want, there is no specific day. The prime word is : FUN ! So enjoy it and i hope you’ll be lucky ! 
Do not be curious : not allowed to check videos ! 
Do not change the video once you clicked.
Have to do a different video everyday.
Put 2 rest days AT LEAST each week.
One video per day. No more !
Let’s go ! 
Your positive workout list is waiting for you ! Don’t forget : make a random choice.  
I am beautiful
I am optimistic
I am valuable 
I am brave
I am strong 
I am adorable
I am unique
I am glorious
I am talented
I am invincible
I am sexy
I am confident
I am happy
I am bright
I am combative
I am adventurous
I am sympathetic 
I am ambitious
I am determined
I am fearless
I am friendly
I am competent
I am capable
I am hilarious

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we don’t talk about this enough


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I was able to fit the whole thing into one gif! 

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"What are your talents?"



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